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Online Slots Myths

There are always some sort of a myth about slots. For example, when the machine hits a jackpot, they will hold the payout to accumulate for the next one or slot machines that haven’t hit a jackpot for a while have more chances to win big. How you ever heard that before or felt that way?

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The truth is slot machines continue to pay at a normal rate after a jackpot, and results remain random.
The brain of the slot machine called Random Number Generator(RNG) is constantly selecting random numbers every millisecond, and no one actually fully understand how it works. The uncertainty is usually lead to a myth, but there is no such thing as due time to pay off.

It means the previous results have no effect on your next spin. If a machine is programmed to hit a top jackpot an average of once per 10000 spins, and you actually spins 9999 times without hitting it, your chances of hitting the jackpot on the next spin are still 1 in 10000. That means if you hit the jackpot, and next spin also has 1 in 10000 chance. The odds remain the same.

The RNG doesn’t know how many coins you’ve wagered as well so it won’t change your chance to win regardless of how many coins you bet.

There is another myth that I’ve heard before. Casino operators can control a jackpot to reward for loyal players or high rollers. Well, they can offer a lot of things for a loyal customer like doubling a bonus or special comp etc. But they can not just push a jackpot button, and it will be illegal anyway.

Now you know there is no due time to worry about, let’s start enjoying slot games!
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