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Online Slots Tips

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Slot games are simple, and easy to play since they do not rely on certain kind of strategy like blackjack or poker. There are thousands of online slots released over the years, and sometimes it is not easy to pick one from so many choices. There are some tips that help you to get started.

Tip-1- Check the Pay Table first.

It is not all the slot machines, but normally playing with a minimum bet can lead you to win much less when you hit a jackpot. On your maximum bet, you have the opportunity to win higher payouts. Some machine pay very little on a 2nd prize. Instead of going after huge jackpot with much less chance to win, you can pick a slot machine with a modest top prize like 800 coins to 2000 coins jackpot. That way, you will have higher chance.

Tip-2- Forget about “Due”

Don’t expect a due for a payout just because you have lost quite a bit of money on the same machine. Sometimes you are feeding a cold machine, and all it takes to change your luck is just switching to another machine or even other casinos. If the machine is paying hot with good payouts, keep playing, and bet more to maximize your winning.

Tip-3- Stretch your bankroll!

You should make your money to last as long as possible. If you are losing, bet the lowest coin size, and switch to a higher bet only if you start winning. The longer you can play, the better your chance to end up with winning combination for a big payout. Especially many of the good casinos offer a payout of 95 to 98% in average, make sure to last your money longer.

Tip-4- Stay on track.

You should always know if you are up or down.
When you win, try not to put coins back into slot from a bucket or start playing with the credits that are accumulating in the machine because it tends to loose track of where you stand.

Tip-5- Grab free bonus

Take an advantage of Bonus. Longer you play, you have more chance of winning, so find any bonus you can get and don’t play on money you can’t afford to lose in the short run. When people start playing on money you can’t afford to lose, they tend to make bad choices on betting big or bonuses to go for.
If you don’t have enough money at the moment, try for free games.

Tip-5- Know when to stop.

You have to learn how to stop playing once you’ve hit your goal. That is extremely important. When you reach your targets, stop right away because by chasing bigger wins, people lose all their winning and leave with unpresent feeling. Playing slots is fun if you don’t become too greedy.
Never chase your losses, and let go when you lose.